Wednesday 9 August 16:30-18:00

I.1(1) Humanities Interventions in Response to Global Challenge

Room Prestige  (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : S. Hartman / Poul Holm

Conveneing Organization : Humanities for the Environment Observatories (HfE) 

Desertification and Desert Urban Labs: The Humanities and the Arts of Futurity

Author name : Joni Adamson

Nuclear Avenue: Cyclonic Development and Abandonment in Uranium City, Canada

Author name : Robert Boschman

Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerability in the Circumpolar North: Synergizing Cross-sector Responses in the Nordic Region* (likely will be changing this topic somewhat in line with shifted focus for the Bifrost Influencers retreat in November)

Author name : Steven Hartman & Lea Rekow

Transformative environmental constitutionalism’s response to the setting aside of South Africa’s moratorium on rhino horn trade

Author name : Melanie Murcott 


II.7 Cultural Identities and Diversities in the Greater China Regional Context

Room Lejeune (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Desmond Hui 

Conveneing Organization : ANHN/ Hang Seng Management College

Author names : Desmond HUI 


II.9(2) Identity, why and for what good 

Room Professeurs  (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Sonia Dhillon Marty

Conveneing Organization : Dhillon Marty Foundation


IV.4 Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage Studies: Comparing Histories, Theories, and Approaches 

Room Bovy (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Timothy Lloyd 

Conveneing Organization : IFFS

Author name : Timothy Lloyd 

What is “Cultural” about Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Critical Reflection on the UNESCO Approach to Culture

Conveneing Organization : Hokkaido University, Japan

Author name :Takami KUWAYAMA

From Ritual to Folk Theater; a comparative interdisciplinary approach to a funeral ritual, Dashiraegi in Jindo Island in Korea

Conveneing Organization : Hankook University of Foreign Studies

Author name : An Deming

American Folklore Studies, Yesterday and Today

Conveneing Organization : American Folklore Society 

Author name : Timothy Lloyd 


IV.6 "Great migrations of peoples. Settlements of Earth."

Room Thiry (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Satybaldy Burshakov

Conveneing Organization : "Culture" foundation from Kazakhstan 

Author names : Satybaldy Burshakov, Valeriy Tolmachev, Mr Olzhas Suleimenov, Ghislaine de Coulomme.


V.5 Global History of Humankind 

Room Noppius (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : L. Oosterbeek; Ali Moussa Iye

Conveneing Organization : CIPSH - UNESCO

Author names : L. Oosterbeek, Ali Moussa Iyé, Catherine Jami, Satoko Fujiwara, Franco Montanari, Tom Clark, Laurent Tissot, Hsiung Ping-Chen, Luiz Carlos Villalta, Dermot Moran, David Bradley, Elikia Mbokolo, Augustin Holl, Carole Boyce, Davies Martial, Ze Belinga, Olabiyi Yai.


VI.22 New ways of thinking about the arts 

Room Professeurs  (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Madeline Caviness 

Conveneing Organization : CIPSH 

Author names : Madeline H. CAVINESS Rosalind I. J. HACKETT Tanella BONI 


VI.27 The ‘Future of Serendipity’ in a Changing World

Room Pousseur (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Samantha Copeland

Conveneing Organization : The Serendipity Society 

Author names : Sylvie Catellin, Emanuele Bardone, Samantha Copeland,,, Stephann Makri.