Monday 7 August 14:30-16:00

I.3(1) "Adaptation, Sustainability and Climate Change : contribution to the History of Humanity"

Room Prestige (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : François Djindjian & J. Kozlowski

Conveneing Organization : Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques (UISPP)

III.1 "Frontières et migrations"

Room Bovy (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Didier Van der Meeren

Conveneing Organization : Le Monde des Possibles

Author Names : Anne-Marie Laulan, Ghislaine Azemard, May Adbdullah, Margaret dunham, MM louis Pouzin, Ismail Benali.

VI.1 "CLACSO 50 years symposium "The humanities facing an unequal world"

Room Gothot (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Pablo Gentili & Heide Hackmann

Conveneing Organization : CLACSO (Latin American Council for Social Sciences)

Author Names : Saulius Geniusas, Heide Hackmann, Adama Samassékou, Abdul Hussein Shaaban, Nada Al-Nashif.

VI.3 "The Meaning of the Classics for Global Humanities Today"

Room Thiry (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Harold P Sjursen & Hsiung Ping-Chen

Conveneing Organization : ANHN (Asian New Humanities Net)

Author Names : Mario Wenning, Ole Döring, Harold P. Sjursen, Joachim Küpper.

VI.5 "Developing Transformative Knowledge to Navigate the Anthropocene"

Room Professeurs (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Patrick Degeorges

Conveneing Organization : Institut Michel Serres (école normale supérieure de Lyon - INRIA)

Author Names : Stéphane Grumbach & Olivier Hamant, Jean-Louis Weber, Philippe Billet, Ioan Negrutiu, Bernd Scherer, Christoph Rosol, Patrick Degeorges.

VI.16(1) "Ethical, Legal and Political issues of Computing"

Room Pousseur (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Liesbeth De Mol

Conveneing Organization : Division of History of Science and Technology (DHST) /Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology (DLMPST)

Author Names : Liesbeth De Mol, Gerardo Con Diaz, Wolfgang Coy.

S.IV.9(1) Reinterpretating Cultural Heritage (English)

Room Lejeune (Complexe Opéra)

Cultural heritage at the service of political ethics: The legend of Muang Laplae, a Siamese Utopia

Conveneing Organization : Catholic University Louvain; intern at UNIDROIT HQ, Rome

Author Name : Anaïs Mattez

Physical religious heritage interpretation process for the harmony of post war period

Conveneing Organization : University of Ferrara, Italy

Author Name : Gunasekara Janani

Indigeneity Reincarnated: from Cultural Heritage to Contemporary Arts

Conveneing Organization : Aalto University, Finland

Author Name : Shuchen Wang

Buttressing memory institutions to support indigenous culture: Case of Zimbabwe

Conveneing Organization : Harare Polytchnic School of Library and Information Sciences

Author Name : collence takaingenhamo chisita

S.VI.19(1) Reinterpretating Cultural Heritage (English)

Room Lumière (Site du XX août)

Humanities and University

Conveneing Organization : Associated Researcher at CIES-IUL, University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal

Author Name : Rosário Couto Costa

Policies and Practicies in Critical Language Education

Conveneing Organization : Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Author Name : Andréa Mattos, Míriam Jorge

Perspectives of GuruNarayanism and Global Science Information Centre( GSIC).

Conveneing Organization : Member of EPS

Author Name : Prof Vivekanandan Paramu

Challenges Faced by Humanities Department in a Science Focused University

Conveneing Organization : COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan

Author Name : Fayyaz Ahmad Faize

Utilization of Digital Resources in the Best Indian University of India: A case Study

Conveneing Organization : Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh-202 002(UP) INDIA

Author Name : Amjad Ali and Fatima Hasan