Crystal Campus

Adama SAMASSEKOU was guest of honour at the Advanced Technical College of the Province of Liège for the “Campus de Cristal 2013” award ceremony on Tuesday, May 7.

As every year since 2002, the communication students of the Advanced Technical College of the Province of Liège selected a person out of the world of media or culture for the award of the “Campus de Cristal”. This approach allows to establish relationships between the Advanced Technical College and personalities whose role in their respective fields is outstanding.

“Humanitude” as a basis of a new society project

Adama SAMASSEKOU was selected this year. This linguist and Malian politician, born in 1946, has held various significant positions: Director of the National Library of Mali, Adviser to the Minister in charge of Culture, Malian Minister of Education, initiator of the reestablishment of the educational system (1993-2000) or spokesman of Government (1997-2000).

He continues to be active in various areas: He is founding President of the “Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights Education” and ICVolunteers, member of the High Level Panel for reform of UNESCO and member of the Board of Directors of the International Centre for Human Sciences.

He is also actively involved in society life. He fights for the linguistic diversity all over the world. He founded the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN), and he is president of the MAAYA World Network for Linguistic Diversity. This Network tries to increase the value of linguistic diversity by promoting it as a basis for the uniqueness of human communication.

This mission refers to the “humanitude”-idea that defines the feeling of belonging to the human species despite differences among individuals. The conference held on May 7 was focused on this idea of humanitude. Adama SAMASSEKOU shared his vision of today’s world with the students: “humanitude” as basis for a brand new society project.

These few elements show that Adama SAMASSEKOU is a man which cares for others, humanity and progress. It is obvious to award him this price, the 11th “Campus de Cristal”.